Gasser Toboggans Company Ltd.

Zigelstadl 15
A - 6143 Mühlbachl
Tel: +43 (0) 5273 / 6243
Fax: +43 (0) 5273 / 7383


In addition to our wide offer of toboggans, we also provide private as well as commercial customers with a range of particular additional services. This range includes professional service, competent repairing, imprinting of logos on seats and also personal engraving of your toboggan.

Please note that these services are offered exclusively for our own products.


We offer you the possibility to design your toboggan more individually and personally. In the wooden skids you can get engraved your name, your initials or user-defined combinations of letters and numeric characters.

Imprinting of logos

In the case of toboggans with a special seat you can add your personal logo, if the ordered volume contains 20 or more toboggans.


In order to get your toboggan fit for the winter season to come, you can resort to our offer of professional services, as for example sharpening the tracks or eliminating contingent disadvantages.