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Tips and recommendations for tobogganing


In order to enjoy a pleasurable and safe tobogganing trip with your family and your friends, you should pay attention to the following tips and recommendations.

  • Be considerate of the other users of the toboggan run.
  • Pay attention to blockades and warning announcements. Make sure the run is open for tobogganing and inform yourself about the toboggan run’s course and condition.
  • Use good and appropriate equipment – amongst others, a toboggan of high quality, warm clothes, gloves and robust footwear. Keep in mind that – due to the downward slope – plastic bobsleighs or plates made of plastic are not suitable for toboggan runs. The missing or at least insufficient steerability can lead to severe accidents.
  • When walking up the mountain, always go on the right-hand side and one after another. Only cross the toboggan run on clear spots. Always toboggan well-controlled, at sight and keep distance. You should always adapt your speed and manner of driving to the toboggan run, to the weather, snow and ice conditions as well as to the density of other tobogganists.
  • Never stop in hidden or unclear curves. In case you are obliged to do so, always go to the inner side of the curve and leave the toboggan run as quickly as possible.
  • Draw attention to yourself. Give a warning to inattentive upward climbers. Use a headlamp and reflective clothes when tobogganing in the dark.
  • In case of moonlight tobogganing, get the information whether the run is illuminated. Don’t forget your headlamp or a torch light.
  • If you want to wait for your co-tobogganers, always choose a clearly visible section of the run for waiting.
  • When approaching a narrow curve, always slow down previously and then turn in the curve.
  • Tobogganing on ski slopes is extremely dangerous and forbidden.
  • Alcohol, medicines and addictive drugs interfere with reactivity and reduce the capacity of appropriate evaluation of dangers.
  • When you stop at an alpine cabin, protect your toboggan against theft using a bike lock.


When the maintenance is appropriate, your toboggan will be a faithful companion, offering you so much enjoyment!

  • Grinding the steel tracks in driving direction with a grain size of 40-80.
  • Grinding the coat tracks in driving direction with a grain size of 80-100.
  • Notice: Coat tracks don’t have to be grinded so frequently!
  • The higher the snow’s temperature, the rougher the surface of the track should be.
  • After grinding, drawing off with steel wool once or twice.
  • Never ever polish the tracks!
  • Steel tracks as well as coat tracks can be treated with commercially available waxes and pastes.
  • After waxing, use a brush to give a structure to the tracks.
  • When assembling the steel tracks, pay attention to a toe-in of 1 mm.
  • Dry the tracks after each use of your toboggan.
  • Avoid exposure of the toboggan to the blazing sun due to storage in your car.


In the following chapter, you will find some recommendations for an appropriate storage. This will allow you to use your toboggan without any difficulty at all times, after a winterly toboggan trip as well as after a longer period of nonuse during summer.

  • Oil the steel tracks lightly or wax them with commercially available products.
  • Coat tracks should only be waxed.
  • Store your toboggan at a dry and cool location – freestanding or reclined.
  • Never lean the toboggan on one side against something else and never burden it with another object.
  • Don’t store your toboggan in closeness to heating appliances or similar sources of heat.